Windows 10 Issues, Mac Download

We have received numerous reports of issues with the game running on Windows 10. We are currently working with the CnCNet team and are in the process of isolating the issue and designing a fix for it. In the meantime, you can revert back to Windows 8 or Windows 7 if you performed the update within a month by following this guide.

On another note, we are also getting requests for a Mac client. We had issues with the previous wrapper we were using and are working on a replacement package. A post will be made here when the Mac package is available again.


When I'm not writing installation scripts I'm usually playing video games. I'm a big fan of Dune, Halo and many other games.

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  • Oren James Teichmann

    I found that if you change the Compatibility Mode of the .exe file in the installed folder to Win 7, you can run the game no problem. Has that worked for anyone else?

    • gruntlord6

      It works but not properly, you get limited resolutions and other issues. We are working on a proper fix.

  • Kellie Gator

    Is the upcoming Mac wrapper going to have cutscenes installed? Because I tried making my own wrapper and I have these weird flickering problems in said cutscenes.

  • spvgg07lb

    game freeze sometimes, then i cant get out of the game to quit the task. Must reboot the PC then! (windows 10 64bit)

    • gruntlord6

      Have you tried CTRL+ALT+Delete?

      • spvgg07lb

        yes, the Task Manager opens but minimized again, it can be displayed any more.

        • Sebastiaan Hoedeman

          When you did CTRL+ALT+DEL you can hold ALT+TAB to get the overview of open apps. In this you can see a miniature view of the task manager. When you ALT+TAB to the task manager you can’t see it, but it does work. You can use the arrow keys to select a line and see in the miniature view (Hold ALT+TAB) which line you have selected in the task manager. when you got the Dune line press Delete to stop the proces. That’s how I close old games that give this problem.

          • spvgg07lb

            the issue has been solved by new Windows 10 setup on my PC.
            Thanks for the ideas

  • Aji

    I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been playing Dune 2000 on my Lenovo B40 laptop (Pentium Quad Core) with 2GB RAM and Windows 10 – 64 bit build 1511 for 2 hours straight with no problem at all… It’s very smooth, worked like a charm, even though I can’t watch the cutscenes.

  • Marisa

    I loved Dune 2000! Looking forward to the release of a Mac version.

    • LT

      I’m playing dune 2000 via PORTING KIT offered by Paul the Tall. It works fine and it’s free.

      • William Wells

        Awesome!!! Thanks for the tip LT! Got it working, videos and all.

        • I just installed Dune 2000 via Porting Kit, and while it runs without problem, I don’t manage to see the videos.nnPlease note that during installation I did select the option to download and install the cutscenes.nnDid you have to make some special configuration to make the videos work?

          • I managed to also get the videos, the solution is in here:nn

  • William Wells

    Also awaiting a Mac version

    • LT

      I have a MBP running the latest OS. I’m playing dune 2000 via PORTING KIT offered by Paul the Tall. It works fine and it’s free.

      • I also just installed and while the game seems to run without problem, I don’t get to see any of the videos, even I did selected the option to download and install all the cutscene videos.nnDid you manage to play the videos with this Mac version of Dune 2000 ?

        • Lbt

          I didn’t get the videos to work, they’re all on youtube though. Some great additional campaigns.

          • I managed at the end, it seems that the option from the installer to get the cutscenes doesn’t work (all VQA video files have “zero” bytes… strange), but it is possible to download and install a cutscenes + extra content game package from this link:nn even installed the Spanish videos gamepack and I was gladly surprised to see that even the audio of the video was in Spanish! (usually it is the English audio with Spanish subtitles).

  • IDCh

    Any news on mac version of this remake?

  • Sage Swenson

    Just downloaded the game on my Mac. Me and brother both have the game, and grew up playing it. In the multiplayer section, it says that you can play online. So is there some way we can play against one another?