Dune 2000: GruntMods Edition

Update is now available. Changes include:

  • Fixed an issue where users could not connect to CnCNet for updates
  • Updated the Mission Launcher
  • Updated the configuration program
  • Fixed an issue in Mercenary mission 1 that caused the game to crash from too many reinforcements (additional improvements were made)
  • Added Launcher briefing for mission 3 of Rise of The Mercenaries, the mission is still not complete and will not launch (coming soon)

IMPORTANT: This update will clear your CnCNet and Dune 2000 configuration files. You will need to run the configuration program again to reconfigure your settings.

You can download the update through the game launcher, or by clicking below.

Download Gruntmods Edition update1.6.2.2.exe (1859 downloads)


When I'm not writing installation scripts I'm usually playing video games. I'm a big fan of Dune, Halo and many other games.

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  • FoX_Mig

    “Fixed an issue in Mercenary mission 1 that caused the game to crash from
    too many reinforcements”
    Still getting “Too many deliveries” error crash in my previously saved game 🙁

    • gruntlord6

      Previously saved games won’t reflect any changes made to the mission or map files, so it doesn’t neccessarily mean the problem is still present.

      • FoX_Mig

        I see. Tried playing the map from the start again and hadn’t come across any issues until the end. But I didn’t have as many units as in that above mentioned save game.

  • Alasdair Maclean

    After updating Gruntmod to on my Windows 10 64-bit Pro pc the Dune 2000.exe stopped working. Fortunately I found this simple guide to get it working again. Please note, tick the “Cut scene change resolution” box in the video options within Gruntmod configuration page, because my Dune 2000 programme would crash without it checked.


    • Benznest P. Jantawee

      Not working for me on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.