Changes in Dune 2000 Support

Due to high demand I have decided to stop taking support tickets for Dune 2000: Gruntmods Edition. Unlike other offerings from GruntMods, there are simply to many support requests for me to answer alone in a timely manner.
For that reason, support requests will now be directed toward the dune2k forums at . I will of course, still visit the forum and help out when availible, but this way you can also get help from other players without having to wait for me to be free and able to assist you. Although it may be less convenient to some, this move will allow me to focus on producing new content and supporting applications that do not have the luxury of a large install base like Dune 2000.


When I'm not writing installation scripts I'm usually playing video games. I'm a big fan of Dune, Halo and many other games.

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  • LuboŇ° Norbert

    guys i know this is stupid but, i can’t seem to find where to setup a teams on multiplayer game. I want to play with my friend against some ai’s. I can add them select house, and color but team and starting location is grayed out “???” how do i chenge their teams? For example me and friend team 1 and 2 normal pc’s in team 2. Does he have to join first to the lobby prior to setting up teams?

  • Bulzzi

    Hello i downloaded your mod and installed it BUT when i ENABLE MOVIES game starts but freeze before u can reach main menu, un tick enable movies game works fine, what can cause this problem. My Specs win: 8.1 uptodate GPU: nVidia 670GTX latest drivers CPU: i5 4690